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Antique Crank Organ For Sale

This antique 25-key Barrel Organ was found in our attic. We are told by Melvyn Wright (http://www.buskerorgan.com/) that "it was almost certainly made in Germany. The paper label was probably added by the American dealer." The organ, which still works, has probably been in our attic since the house was built in 1953.

The crank pumps a bellows to supply air to the pipes, and also turns a wooden barrel by means of gears. Driven into the barrel are brass pins and staples with which the pieces of music are encoded. Suspended over the barrel is a bar carrying wooden keys connected to valves by vertical wooden rods. As the barrel turns, the pins and staples lift the keys, in turn opening the valves to let air into the pipes, which are located at the rear of the instrument. Tunes are selected by first lifting the bar carrying the keys, then shifting the barrel along its length. This brings a different set of pins and staples in line with the keys.

There is a piece of paper pasted inside the top lid which has a list of the seven musical pieces. The paper also says, "Siedle & Bartberger, Pittsburgh, PA."  No information has been found about this reference.

If interested, please contact William Bader, b2@baderenterprises.com.

Click on a thumbnail to see the full size image.
Pasted inside of the top lid is a piece of paper with what appear to be the titles of the seven musical pieces that the organ can play. It also says, "Siedle & Bartberger, Pittsburgh, PA"
View of the open front, showing some of the pipes, and the valves showing the corresponding musical notes. The crank to make music is on the front.
View down into the top
Another view down into the top from the side, showing the individual pipes.
View of the right side. The blue glass pane is broken.
View of the back, where you can see the table upon which the organ is mounted.
View of the left side. The metal rod with notches is the device for changing between the seven musical pieces.


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