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Would you like to have your own website?
Is your existing site in dire need of updating, redesign or regular administration and maintenance?
Do you need someone to help you with the daily correspondence of running your business?
Services also include the care & feeding of Microsoft Windows
,  network support , maintenance ,
 and consultation .

Custom Web Site Design and Maintenance

Web Hosting JavaScript
Visual Basic Graphics
Database/E-Commerce HTML
Virtual Office Support
Professional Word Processing Services
Dictation from tape or telephone
Email Administration
Reports -- Memos -- Letters

See some examples of our work: Projects


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Contact Information

(717) 545-0397
(717) 545-8031
Postal address
3820 Kramer Street
Harrisburg, PA
Electronic mail
General Information: b2@baderenterprises.com

Home Payments Crank Organ 4 Sale News Projects Feedback Cool Links! World Clock
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